Monday, September 15, 2008


This is my latest photoshoot made in London. Probably, the tougher I´ve ever done, due to several difficulties. Was raining, very, very windy, and we were on a serious rush. However, we could made it successfuly and go back home thinking we´d done a very good job! I hope you all like it as It´s one of my best ones!! Thanks so much for those who gave my a hand specialy, Karina Tanabe Jones and Margo Holder, Vihn and Yu, Maurizio and Juan, and of course, those two who were struggling all the time to get the best until the end, Ale and my lovely Charlie Wilson Jr. Thanks guys!! See you in the next one again!!


alberto mielgo said...

Que bueno eres, pedazo de mamón.

HAblaremos en person, de momento todo mi respeto y admiración.... aunque eres un desaparecido de la vida, PERRO!

Me encanta el aspecto oscuro, casi de blanco y negro. Las composiciones Tomaseicas son una pasada.

En una foto se vé el micrófono que sujeta Benito. ( no se ve ningún micrófono, no busques, que te conozco )

Anonymous said...

negro, guapisimas

Anonymous said...

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